Virra Multi lance, for mechanic cleaning of chimneys and ventilation, length 3 meters

Mechanic cleaning of chimneys and ventilation
Mechanic cleaning of chimneys and ventilation
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Virra Multi rotary lance is a universal tool for mechanical cleaning of chimneys, ventilation, pipes, shafts, gutters, technological ducts. It is a modern rotary brush, powered by a normal ductless screwdriver or drill-driver. It has a possibility of cleaning ducts and pipes made from different types of materials, of different diameter and shape. Thanks to using of an appropriate cleaning heads, by Virra rotary set can be removed intensely smutting, such as an excess of dry mortar in chimney ducts or solidify glassy soot, rests of stuck on material in pipe dispenser etc. The set for mechanical cleaning of chimney and ventilation ducts with a nylon head is also suitable for an effective cleaning of pipes which are sensitive for scratchings, such as: acid-proof pipes, heat-proof pipes, rustproof pipes, china and PVC.

Virra is consisted of a resistant for bumps and wiping of nylon buckler and fi8mm flexible shaft, swivelling inside. Specially designed handle and fastening of cleaning heads, cause that Virra multi tool has only 30mm in the widest place, thanks to this it can fit in small cross-sections of pipes and ducts. It will ideal clean rustproof, exhausting fumes from gas furnaces – even this of 6cm diameter. Virra lance negotiate without any effort installation elbow of 90 degrees, of fi120mm diameter, without a change of rotary properties. In Virra lance is used a pioneering solution – bearing - spring-loaded input. Thank to it, the lance is working smoothly in all types of brick-built and steel chimneys as well as ventilation ducts of any shape and diameter.

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Thanks to rotations, the lance makes a huge cleaning power. Cleaning heads can remove the toughest smudge and sediment. It is a modern solution, far more effective than traditional cleaning methods. It also takes an assessment by cleaning different types of smoke conduits and chimney hook-up – there, where traditional tools and chimney sweepers don’t reach. By Virra Multi can be cleaned very twisting ducts. For that reason, the brush is also dedicated for people, who want to clean the ducts and ventilation conduits effectively and fast.

Multiplicity of Virra brush using for mechanical cleaning chimneys and ventilation, makes that it can be missed in any chimney company, company which serviced the ventilation. It is easy in use. It is enough to plug a handle to a drill-driver and it can be cleaned yet. One-person, easy use makes that it is also an ideal chimney tool, also for private people, who wants to take care of clearness and safety of their chimney or ventilation installation.

Attributes of Virra lance

  • ·         very effective and modern method of cleaning
  • ·         bilateral mounting bearing – warranty of smooth work
  • ·         it is universal – it is suitable for all types of chimneys
  • ·         it is elastic, it goes round a corner without any problem
  • ·         it is suitable for one-person using
  • ·         it is light and handy
  • ·         it has a lot of cleaning heads to different types of smudges and ducts
  • ·         it has a warranty for 6 months and post-warranty service

Parameters of the brush – the lance, Virra flexible shaft:

  • ·      length – 3 running meters (optional longer – to 12m)
  • ·      weight – 2kg
  • ·      diameter of the handle for a drill-driver or for a drill – fi 8mm
  • ·      diameter of the handle of cleaning heads – fi 8mm
  • ·      direction of rotations for a drill-driver or for a drill – only right
  • ·      recommended speed of a drill-driver or of a drill – max 1900rpm

It is recommended to use the drill-driver or the drill equipped in safety clutch, set on max 30Nm torque.

The set doesn’t include a brush and drill-driver.

It is provided the 6-months warranty for a product and one repair service for free.


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