We produce tools for cleaning and checking chimneys and ventilation: Flexible extensions for chimney cleaning, cleaning shafts (lances) for rotary cleaning of chimneys and smoke tubes in boilers, lances for cleaning recuperation and mechanical ventilation, chimney cameras, meters for checking the tightness of chimneys and chimney obstruction locators. Our products have a well-thought-out design. Our company is located in Poland. We ship our products to all EU countries. The delivery time is approximately 4 business days. The cost of delivery up to 24 EUR - payable in advance.



do czyszczenia komina od dołu na wiertarkę

Virra Click

rotary cleaning of chimneys from the bottom to the top


do czyszczenia komina łańcuchem na wiertarkę lanca kominowa

Virra Pro

universal rotary chimney cleaning lance


Virra Fire

for cleaning hot chimneys and smoke tubes in boilers


Virra VENT

tools for cleaning ventilation and recuperation


Heads Virra

for all Virra systems


Additional accessories

repair kits, covers


Virra TET




for locating blockages in the chimney




with two lenses, cable length 30m record function