• Tool for cleaning the chimneys
    Tool for cleaning the chimneys
  • Snap Lock Virra Click connector
    Snap Lock Virra Click connector
  • Warranty Virra
    Warranty Virra

Virra Multi rotary chimney sweeper is a modern, universal tool for cleaning the chimneys, air ducts, technological ducts and all types of pipes. It fits to all ducts layed with stone, steel and PVC of irregular shapes. Virra for mechanical pollution removing is powered by ductless screwdriver or drill-driver. By the help of Virra rotary sweeper, not only a cleaning of vertical sections of ducting can be done, but also of skew or horizontal ducts. Virra rotary set for mechanical cleaning of chimneys and ventilation has replaceable, fitting for a shape of cleaning ducts, cleaning heads: cleaning chain head for cleaning of layed with stone ducts; Virra ‘Spring brush (Sprężynówka)’ cleaning head – for cleaning of steel ducts and ceramic inputs e.g. for cleaning metal ventilation ducts, combustion and smoky chimneys; Virra ‘Spiky chain head for chimney cleaning (Jeż kominowy)’ for removing the toughest smudges from different kinds of pipes and chimney ducts; nylon head – for cleaning of inputs and pipes from stainless, acid-proof and heat-proof steel and PVC.

Virra Click - a modern rotary set for mechanical chimney cleaning from the bottom. Convenient to use - cleaning the chimney without having to climb the roof. A solid set of flexible rods with a diameter of 16mm connecting by a finger latch (Snap lock Virra Click)

Virra chimney lance and Virra Click Rods is covered by 6-months warranty and post-warranty service.




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‘Greetings, thanks for a parcel post. The equipment did a whale of a job.’

‘Gorgeous thing. I bought a set and I recommend it for everyone who has a ceramic system chimney, intensely ingrained.’

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