In our offer you will find modern chimney tool for removing soot and for cleaning the ventilation. It is a mechanical rotary brush for cleaning chimneys, ventilation of pipes and drainpipes. Thanks to it, it can be easy to made mechanical cleaning with the help of different types of cleaning heads. It is ideal for using by one person. It can be powered by a drill of a normal drill-driver. Thanks to interchangeable heads, Virra can serve for cleaning the chimney from acid-proof pipe and from all types of layed with stone chimneys or the ducts from PVC.


The most important features of the Virra rotary brush are:

  • pliability – it can really clean very curved chimneys and ducts
  • huge power of cleaning – it will easily break a few-years’, fossilised soo
  • one-person service,
  • powered by a normal drill-driver,
  • long lifespan, guarantee and post-guarantee service