Choose a ready-made chimney cleaning kit from below or assemble your own kit from the correct number of flexible poles and the correct cleaning head:


    Ready-made Virra Click kits for cleaning chimneys - POWER SWEEPING - from the bottom. Designed for cleaning various types of chimneys of different lengths. The cleaning kit can be adjusted with an accuracy of 1m. A large selection of dedicated Virra cleaning heads with replaceable cartridges.


    Virra Click extensions - Virra Click System flexible rods for cleaning the chimney from the bottom. Single extensions to extend the Virra Click Set. Extensions compatible with the Virra Click set. They are terminated with Virra Click quick couplers - a safe and quick connection, a button pressed with a finger. Connection does not hang up in the chimney. Extensions can rotate left and right.


    Virra Click handles for Virra Click flexible rods. Drill chuck to connect the drill and the holder to the head - fits all Virra heads. Equipped with a Virra Click quick-release fastener.



    Virra Click joint drive - Virra starter flex bar. It allows you to clean the chimney from the bottom with the Virra Click set in tight and hard-to-reach cleanings or revisions. In the middle of the armor, a rotating steel flexible drive enables cleaning with a strong bend of the rod. As a result, the Virra Click drive joint extends the life of the entire Virra Click bottom chimney cleaning kit.



    Adapters, covers, spare elements for the Virra Click system.