Spring brush for cleaning chimney and hard smudges from steel ducts fi150mm, 140x140mm

Spring head for hard smudges from steel ducts
Spring head for hard smudges from steel ducts
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Spring head for cleaning chimney and ventilation ducts. Virra Spring brush for chimney, or in other words, spring brush is an innovative solution at the field of chimney industry. The head is ideal for cleaning chimneys and steel ducts. The rotary spring consists of a mandrel and 26 springs, very elastic and resistant for wiping and bumps. Chimney head – spring brush for chimney is dedicated for the Virra rotary lance. Thanks to this set, cleaning of the chimney or ventilation ducts from hard to remove smudges and tough soot doesn’t make any problem.

We are pioneers in production of spring head for cleaning chimneys and ventilation. Its trade name is spring brush for chimneys.


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rotary spring brush for chimney cleaning